What we do

We see ourselves as ‘pathfinders’ in a world of data where we can look across multiple data systems to identify the significance of patterns impacting your performance. The benefits are clear. We can help you:

  • Build a deeper understanding of how your organization is performing
  • Identify those factors which impact performance – both positively and negatively
  • Connect all the symptoms that appear across your system and track them to the real root cause.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your operations and maintenance teams
  • Become more efficient through targeted deployment of resources
  • Implement improvements that will enable sustainable change

We are your partners and harness the power of predictive analytics to monitor, maintain and improve performance.  By identifying the significance in data patterns, we can ‘predict’ when an event is likely to occur and create automated notifications and recommendations to enable teams to anticipate and respond accordingly.

We provide advanced diagnostic solutions and look to connect data from four sources:

Internal systems and processes

Physical assets and equipment

Human interaction

External environment patterns