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Cloud Applications

Scalable applications bring it all together and drive action

Our capability to ingest and blend a huge variety of data, create Digital Twins and apply advanced predictive analytics is impressive – but real world outcomes need actions.

red.thread® cloud-hosted web applications are a core part of your solution. They help you to see more, understand more and ultimately control more of the factors that drive performance. Configured for each sector or client, they support data visualisation and exploration, with a structured work flow that prioritises automated problem notifications and tracks actions.

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Cloud benefits

To drive the actions needed to achieve real world outcomes, you need an app that’s perfectly tailored to your own scenario. Our red.thread® platform was designed from the ground up to be quickly configured to meet the differing needs of clients and markets.

Within just a few weeks, we can have a fully configured web application up and running for you. It’ll look and behave like it was built just for you – although in reality you’ll be benefiting from the awesome flexibility of red.thread®.

You’ll be able to to explore and visualise your data, benefit from automated predictive alerts and notifications and manage priorities for action within an end to end outcome focused workflow specific to your needs.

Data Protection and Security

Your organisation will also benefit from:

  • Security by design
  • No need to install software – you just need a browser
  • Options for your own branding
  • Options to integrate with existing corporate systems
  • Scalability as your needs grow
  • On-going tailored support and enhancements



It’s all in the cloud

Key features of our cloud-based predictive analytics technology

Supports connection to over 200 industry standard data formats as well as being configurable for proprietary data formats.

Enables fast and effective exploration of of your data through a comprehensive analytics engine that uses Tonic proprietary analytics as well as industry standard technologies. Analytics can be applied in both offline and dynamic environments.

Facilitates the blending and storage of data from multiple sources in a warehouse architecture that readily supports the application of big data techniques.

Designed for scalability, red.thread® scales readily to meet the needs of large organisations. We have a proven record of providing reliable and responsive solutions to global corporations and the public sector that are processing over 6 Billion new data points every day.

Supplies modular interfaces to third-party systems. This, together with our ethos of collaborative working, means that clients are not tied to the complete platform. For example, a solution could use the red.thread® data blending, warehousing and analytics engine, but interface to a client’s existing enterprise solution for the user interface.

Promotes team collaboration, ensuring that your people are fully integrated into the data picture. This helps to capture experience and ensure better decisions that drive better business outcomes.

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