Company profile

Tonic is an innovative and growing technology company located at the award winning Southampton Science Park in Hampshire, UK.

Tonic specialises in programs that rapidly solve client challenges through big data and analytics solutions using structured and unstructured data from assets, people and the environment in which they operate.

With operations spanning from applied research through to the delivery of cloud based analytics intensive services, Tonic has a reputation for delivering quantified client business outcomes that solve real world needs. This has resulted in the award of major programmes with global organisations and exports accounting for over 80% of sales.

In addition to developing proprietary technologies, Tonic has partnership and collaboration at the very heart of company culture and has an increasing number of relationships with key technology partners.

Our leadership team

Andy Dollin

Andy has over 30 years experience in aviation, during which he has performed hands-on technical, supervisory and managerial maintenance roles. For the past 20 years, he has specialised in working directly with clients, implementing solutions for predictive maintenance, advanced diagnostics and maintenance operations optimisation. He is an experienced program manager, having led many civil and military programs spanning commercial air transport, business aviation and rotorcraft. He is passionate about seeing clients get real results and helping them to manage the organisational, cultural and people changes needed to get the best outcomes.

Andy Heather

Andy has nearly 30 years experience in leading the technical development of solutions for predictive maintenance, advanced diagnostics and maintenance operations optimisation – dating right back to the world’s first certified health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) for helicopters in 1991. He has held technical roles at all levels, including several at a senior level. Most recently, as Vice President of Engineering in a GE and Accenture joint venture, he led the development of a big data cloud based platform providing an end-end digital prognostics and diagnostics solution for the airline industry.

Rob Horabin

Rob is a highly experienced data scientist who specialises in developing and applying analytics to solve real world challenges. He has spent the past 10 years working in and leading teams focussed on predictive maintenance and diagnostics. Rob has expertise in machine learning, python, hadoop etc – but uniquely combines this with his predictive maintenance domain expertise and ability for understanding complex systems to ensure that the right technology is applied to ensure successful client outcomes.