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Operations Uptime


A global airline needed to reduce the impact of unscheduled aircraft component failures. This was impacting the airline’s schedule and reducing the capability of the aircraft. Previous attempts to resolve the issue had been unsuccessful.


We :

  • Identified several relevant sources of data from aircraft and ground based systems
  • quantified the problem using airline KPIs and identified root causes
  • harnessed predictive analytics to model the improvement expected and implemented a predictive maintenance and smart diagnostics solution
  • implemented and then validated a live proof of concept cloud based service
  • transitioned to full implementation and integration of approach into systems and processes
  • delivered on-going predictive maintenance service to the airline


The business has reported a 40% improvement through KPIs such as delays and operating limitations.  This continues to be tracked through an on-line interactive dashboard to ensure sustainable improvement. The airline has extended the service to cover additional aircraft models and systems.
Project Outcomes