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Process Optimisation


Businesses run complex operations with many critical interdependencies.  All the moving parts need to work for the whole system to run effectively. An unexpected event can snowball quickly, impacting operations and costs. Our client wanted to develop a far deeper understanding of their operations to ensure things went according to plan. Every minute, hour and day.


We worked closely with our client to understand their operations. We:

  • analysed 18 months of historical data
  • identified many data sources from unconnected systems to build up a picture – from operating schedules, maintenance records, weather data, operator actions and machine operating and performance data
  • quantified the level of operational impact being experienced using our red.thread™ technology
  • developed augmented visualisations using red.thread™ to show the client what we had found


We discovered that the biggest single impact was being caused by machine operators not following the manufacturers’ recommended process. As a result of our work:

  • machine operators were engaged around the importance of following the correct operating process
  • a business impact dashboard was created to help employees see how their actions could affect business performance

As a result of improvements implemented thanks to our unprecedented insights, our client reported a 70% performance improvement from this single process improvement.

Project Outcomes