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Safety Enhancement


The offshore helicopter industry formed a new global association to enhance the industry’s overall strong safety record and promote cross-industry cooperation.  The association wanted to share best practice, develop and apply advanced technology, and encourage common global flight standards.  The challenge was how to do that on a global scale across multiple projects and time zones.


We launched a secure one-stop cloud-based collaboration platform that was accessible by all members at any time in any location.  We:

  • configured and launched a secure collaboration platform in just 4 weeks by leveraging our partnership with Jive Software
  • seamlessly integrated our red.thread™ technology, enabling people to collaborate together and also share and analyse data in the same environment
  • implemented analytics and dashboards while continuing to work in partnership with the association


The association’s collaboration platform is now used by over 100 member organisations and has 400 users from every major continent working on over 25 projects that will deliver safety enhancements for their industry.With the integrated red.thread™ capability, the data provided by members is helping to build a global database of information for the first time. The analytics and configurable dashboards helps the association identify trends across the industry and measure the effectiveness of safety initiatives.  It will also inform decisions for future projects.
Project Outcomes