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Supply Chain


We were asked to help our client reduce risk and increase profitability. They provide Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services which are increasingly offered on a fixed price basis with a guaranteed level of spare part availability. Efficient and innovative delivery of these services can deliver significant benefits but the MRO service provider is also exposed to significant risks.


The core objective was to reduce the number of components being unnecessarily returned to the client as a result of multiple ineffective troubleshooting attempts by the end user. Using our 4D approach, we:

  • defined a multiple range of data sources from both our client’s business and from the end user
  • used our red.thread™ technology to quantify the number of unnecessary component returns and prioritise them based on financial value to the contact
  • developed targeted analytics models to help the end user decide on the action required for a reliable first time fix


A successful pilot delivered an unprecedented accuracy of greater than 95%.  A full cloud-based service was subsequently implemented. Through this work, our client has not only reduced risk and improve the profitability of its own logistics services, but they can now also improve the end user’s operations by reducing maintenance costs and increasing all-important up time for productivity.
Project Outcomes