Tonic delivers industry first collaboration solution for HeliOffshore

November 24th, 2015

Tonic Analytics has completed the delivery of a secure on-line collaboration solution ‘HeliOffshore Space’ for HeliOffshore and its members.

HeliOffshore is a global industry association launched in October 2014 by five major helicopter operators.  Its mission is to improve flight safety and advance technical competence through bringing together organisations with an interest in working together on safety for offshore helicopter transportation. Today, HeliOffshore has a growing global membership of Helicopter Operators, OEMs, Oil and Gas Companies, Specialist service providers, and related organisations.

Through access to a modern and highly capable collaboration solution, HeliOffshore Space is enabling industry experts to come together and share information and best practices in ways not previously seen in this industry.

While the solution is initially being targeted at bringing together the global community of Helicopter Health and Usage Monitoring  – HUMS experts (forming one of HeliOffshore’s 6 currently identified priority workstreams), it is expected that the scope of HeliOffshore Space will quickly broaden to encompass the remaining workstreams as well as delivering further benefits through some key capability enhancements that are currently in the pipeline.

Critical factors in the success of this project have included combining our specialist domain expertise with industry partnerships for best in class solutions, while retaining our hallmark focus on delivering client business outcomes.  This meant that Tonic was able to quickly identify, plan, configure and deliver the highly effective solution on time and within budget.

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