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Tonic selected to provide Oil & Gas industry solution

red.thread® technology to increase production up-time and reduce maintenance costs

Tonic’s red.thread data analytics technology is being extensively used in the aerospace industry for both airline and helicopter applications, but that same technology is also seeing increasing re-use for other purposes. Together with its growing application in the road safety and security domain, Tonic’s red.thread® technology is now being applied to the offshore oil and gas industry.  In this application, it will provide an autonomous predictive maintenance solution that will use advanced data analytics to provide web based monitoring and alerting of critical subsea and topside components.  In this configuration, red.thread® will be processing a large variety of data parameters in near real time and ensuring that the client is notified of upcoming issues through a secure web application.  Timely notifications will minimise the impact on production and maintenance operations while further reducing the risk of environmental impacts.

The first application is due to go live in March, with others to follow later this year.

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